According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an estimated 22 million Americans suffer from some sort of chemical addiction.  Sadly, only about 3 million of those people will even attempt to resolve their problems.

Has alcohol or some other drug become a problem for you?

Most people who suffer from a chemical addiction struggle for years trying to resolve it on their own.  It SEEMS like a problem you should be able to fix by yourself.  After all, you solve all sorts of other problems every day.

But addiction is different.  And, to be clear, if it was something you could fix on your own you would have done so already.

If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, substance abuse counseling is likely a very good idea.  I specialize in helping men and women resolve their substance abuse issues so they can fulfill all the important roles in their lives…spouse, parent, friend, employee, citizen, etc.

But, calling someone and asking for help for a substance abuse problem can be scary.

That’s why I offer a free Breakthrough Session to anyone who thinks they may benefit from substance abuse counseling. This is phone call between you and me where we try to identify your one (or more) most significant sticking point, whether it’s addiction or something else. Then we decide, together, if working together makes sense.

Go ahead and sign up for your free call today.