Internet Addiction Addiction Counseling Peachtree CityIs Digital Addiction a Real Thing?

Some say it’s not. Some say the Internet is a useful tool that some folks take a little too far.

My experience, and that of the scientific community, says Digital Addiction is very real.  Technology-based addictions such as online gaming addiction and social media addiction, and pornography addiction are wreaking havoc in the lives of countless families around the world.

This particular challenge is trickier since it hides in plain sight, so to speak.  If someone is an alcoholic they are likely easy to spot based on their behavior and the constant odor of liquor.  Someone with an Internet Addiction likely displays more discreet symptoms.

What Does Digital Addiction Look Like?

Someone struggling with an Internet Addiction probably has some of these symptoms…

  • Long periods of time spent online
  • Failure to meet home responsibilities
  • Possible decreased work or skill performance (i.e. getting in trouble with the boss or teacher)
  • Marked change in weight
  • Loss of interest in non-online activities
  • Irritability when prevented from engaging in online activities
  • Lying about amount of time spent online

We Can Help With Digital and Process Addictions!

Process addictions, such as gambling, pornography or online gaming, are treated similarly to chemical addictions.  The good news is even folks with severe addictions can recover.  They can return to a pre-addiction level of functioning and repair the damage done during active addiction.

I follow best-practices and use evidence based interventions to treat men, women and adolescents.  A unique Treatment Plan for each client helps guide my work.  However, a specialized therapy, CBT-IA (Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Internet Addiction) is at the root of how I help clients.

If you or someone you love may be struggling with Internet Addiction call my office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.  Don’t wait…addictions never get better on their own.

Asking For Help Is Tough!

That’s why I offer a free Breakthrough Session to anyone who thinks they may benefit from working with a therapist.  This is phone call between you and me where we try to identify your one (or more) most significant sticking point, whether it’s a digital addiction, a process addiction, or something else.  Then we decide, together, if working together makes sense.

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