The book, Beyond the Bottle: 9 Powerful Strategies to Reclaim Your Life,is coming soon to

To be accurate, calling Beyond the Bottle a book is not entirely accurate. This “book” is more like an interactive sobriety tool. While the text of the book contains everything a newly recovering person needs to start their sobriety journey, it has so much more.

One really cool feature of Beyond the Bottle are the video links that allow the reader to step out of the book for a moment. That reader can engage with the author at a whole new level.

These videos provide deeper explanations of chapter topics, offer readers a glimpse into the author’s personal experiences, and (maybe most importantly) provide much-needed encouragement and support to folks who are taking on a very hard challenge.

This video is a small snippet of one of the actual videos in the book. I hope you enjoy the video. Please feel free to share with your friends…let’s help some people get well.