What Does Mental Health Mean Anyway?

Somewhere along the way the term Mental Health became much less about health and much more about mental.  That’s a shame because modern therapists are much more focused on helping clients move forward in their lives and less about “treating” severely mental ill individuals.  Don’t be mistaken, we still help those with extreme challenges.  But the typical person who engages a therapist is mostly healthy, but they feel their life could be just a bit better in some specific area.

Clay Cutts is a Therapist who helps men and women who find themselves at a difficult crossroads in their lives.  Those crossroads take many forms and often look different from person to person.  As a Licensed Master Social Worker, Mr. Cutts is trained to meet people wherever they may be then to gently help them move themselves forward.

He is particularly aware that asking for help is often hard.  Therefore he believes in a gentle approach focused on building up and empowering clients.

A person is not a disorder!

Our mental health system has grown to focus so much on diagnosis that people have become their diagnosis.  Have you ever heard a seriously ill person be described as “schizophrenic”?  No, she’s not the disease!  She’s a person first who happens to have a particular combinations of symptoms that can be conveniently labeled as “Schizophrenia”.

This societal hyper-focus on diagnosis is troubling and has reinforced Clay’s commitment to see people as people and to not become bogged down in the labeling and judgment that often accompanies diagnostics.

Clay M. Cutts, L.M.S.W.
Clay Cutts, LMSW

About Clay

Hi.  My name is Clay.

I’m a father, a husband and a therapist.  I help men and women get past their most challenging life experiences so they can fulfill their all their important roles.

I work with people on a wide variety of pressing issues.  These include anxiety, depression, anger, addictions (both chemical and process).

My passion for helping people comes from a combination of faith, family values, personal triumphs, and (most importantly) personal struggles.  I’ve seen, and experienced personally, the devastating pain of untreated mental illness.  I understand the hopelessness, despair and loneliness.

On the other hand, I’ve witnessed the metamorphosis that can happen to a person when they conquer their demons.  Bearing witness to these transformations is humbling, magical and epically motivating.

I’d love to help you conquer your most difficult problem and reach (and surpass) your most exciting goals.

Why Therapy Doesn't Work...

“Therapy doesn’t work”!

I’ve heard this more times than I can count.  And the truth is that sometimes therapy DOESN’T work.

But sometimes it does!  What’s the difference?

I think that we fall into the trap of helping clients work on answering the question “who am I?”.  Seems reasonable, and it does have some value.  But I think we are failing to ask a better question.

We should be asking “who am I becoming?” instead.

If you figure out you are “ashamed” and “powerless” and “selfish” you have made some progress.  But that ashamed, powerless and selfish person will NEVER meet your future goals.  You have to become a different person to meet those goals.

When you work with me you will not only ask hard questions of yourself, you will ask (and answer) the right questions as well…so therapy will work for you.

What Is Working With Clay Like?

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