What Does Mental Health Mean Anyway?

Somewhere along the way the term Mental Health became much less about health and much more about mental.  That’s a shame because modern therapists are much more focused on helping clients move forward in their lives and less about “treating” severely mental ill individuals.  Don’t be mistaken, we still help those with extreme challenges.  But the typical person who engages a therapist is mostly healthy, but they feel their life could be just a bit better in some specific area.

Clay Cutts is a Therapist who helps men and women who find themselves at a difficult crossroads in their lives.  Those crossroads take many forms and often look different from person to person.  As a Licensed Master Social Worker, Mr. Cutts is trained to meet people wherever they may be then to gently help them move themselves forward.

He is particularly aware that asking for help is often hard.  Therefore he believes in a gentle approach focused on building up and empowering clients.

A person is not a disorder!

Our mental health system has grown to focus so much on diagnosis that people have become their diagnosis.  Have you ever heard a seriously ill person be described as “schizophrenic”?  No, she’s not the disease!  She’s a person first who happens to have a particular combinations of symptoms that can be conveniently labeled as “Schizophrenia”.

This societal hyper-focus on diagnosis is troubling and has reinforced Clay’s commitment to see people as people and to not become bogged down in the labeling and judgment that often accompanies diagnostics.

Men’s Mentorship Group!

I work with lots of men I call “alphas”.  These guys are confident and strong…usually excelling in demanding jobs.  They have impressive skill sets that allow them to succeed professionally.

But…other parts of their lives leave something to be desired.  They may drink a bit too much or their marriage may be on the rocks or their anger may get the best of them more than they would like.  Either way they want to do better…they want to do more…they want to BE more!

So, they join “The Men’s Mentorship Group” where they can work with other men to shore up their skill sets and help them move past whatever is holding them back.

As steel sharpens steel, only men can sharpen each other.

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Clay M. Cutts, L.M.S.W.
Clay Cutts, LMSW

About Clay

Hi.  My name is Clay.

I’m a father, a husband and a therapist.  I help men and women get past their most challenging life experiences so they can fulfill their all their important roles.

I also work with men who struggle with pornography or sexually related issues.

What's Holding You Back?

The fact is…just about all of us could improve in some way.  For instance, I could certainly be a better husband and father.  I could do a much better job of taking care of myself by eating fewer cookies and going for more walks. I could be more patient.  And the list could go on…

What’s holding you back? Maybe…

  • you’re struggling with a drug addiction
  • alcohol has become a issue for you…
  • you think you might have an internet addiction or technology addiction…
  • you struggle multiple issues, or dual addiction
  • someone you love is having problems with drugs or alcohol…
  • you feel depressed or sad and just can’t seem to shake it…
  • you are amped up or anxious all the time and just can’t seem to turn off your racing mind…
  • you just have that nagging feeling of “there should be more to life than this”…

Whatever is going on with you and whatever areas are holding you back I can help.

Are You Ready To Start Living The Life You Deserve?

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