Just like steel sharpens steel, men can only learn to be better men by hanging around other like-minded men.

We meet weekly in Peachtree City and dig into all topics related to being a man in the 21st Century. ┬áThis is not woo-woo or psychobabble. ┬áThis is a deep dive into important topics that you probably can’t talk about anywhere else…certainly not an any real way.

Who is this for?

* Men who in a career or on a career track (or who want to be)
* Men who are brave enough to take off the armor and get real
* Men who just want to get more out of life
* Men who truly want to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and citizens
* Men who have a lot to say but don’t have a safe place to say it

Who is this NOT for?

* Men who love to listen to themselves complain and blame others for their circumstances
* Men who think a “shortcut to greatness’ actually exists
* Men who want others to do the work for them

So, if you feel like you would fit into this group of guys, click below to sign up.