Amazon Bestseller- Beyond the Bottle by Clay Cutts. Addiction Recovery.Beyond the Bottle: 9 Powerful Strategies to Reclaim Your Life is the new, #1 Amazon Best Seller from Clay Cutts.  This innovative tool provides concise instruction for men and women who want to quit drinking and/or using drugs.

Whether you have tried other types of addiction treatment before (Alcoholics Anonymous, therapy, rehab, etc.) or you are just realizing that drugs and alcohol are holding you back, this book has everything you need to get started today.  In fact, this interactive text teaches strategies anyone can use to live a better life.

Reading this bestseller will also give you a rare glimpse into the sad story that made Clay into the servant-leader he is today.  You will get to experience the failures and triumphs that constitute his personal journey from alcoholism to sobriety.

Beyond the Bottle is available in Kindle and print on!

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