Therapist in Peachtree CityHi, my name is Clay Cutts.  I’m a therapist and the founder of EmpowerAble, LLC.  My office is located Peachtree City, GA.

I get it…whether you’ve never been  to see a therapist before or counseling has been a consistent part of your life, the prospect of talking to a guy like me can be  intimidating.  So I want to make this as easy and painless as possible.  That’s why I’m  offering this “Test Drive” in the hopes of making asking for help a bit less overwhelming and terrifying.

I work with folks who…

  • maybe drink a bit too much
  • seem to be struggling with drugs of some sort
  • love someone who drinks too much or uses drugs
  • use technology (such as online games) way more than they should
  • love someone who uses technology (such as online games) way too much
  • feel anxious all the time and can never seem to relax
  • often feel sad for no good reason
  • can’t seem to get along with others
  • have been carrying around a painful secret forever
  • need someone to really hear them (maybe for the first time ever)
  • are being held back by something in their life (and may not even know what it is).

Clients who work with me often experience…

  • an unexpected freedom from alcohol, drugs, or technology
  • acceptance and peace surrounding the addictions of those they love
  • a bright new perspective on their life or their challenges
  • huge emotional relief from finally reconciling the past
  • a more stable emotional state in general.

What you should NOT expect from me…

  • lectures
  • sermons
  • judgement
  • unsolicited advice

Currently, I have some openings in my practice.  This offer will only be available until those slots are filled.

If you’re interested in speaking with me, please complete the form below and I will contact you to schedule your free 15 minute session.  Neither completing the form nor speaking with me obligate you to anything at any time.  I will treat your contact information confidentially and only contact you once and only in the manner you specify.

Note that you must be within a reasonable distance (maybe 20 miles or less) of Peachtree City, GA to take advantage of this offer.