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Did God Curse Me With Alcoholism?

I’m an alcoholic…no doubt about it.

Don’t worry, my drinking days are long behind me at this point.

I often say I’m sober “by the grace of God” and I mean it. God got me sober. I mean he literally removed the compulsive desire I had for alcohol.

This brings up a funny question. That is…if God got me sober, did He also get me drunk in the first place?

I’ve heard countless people ponder the validity and wisdom of a “loving God”. They wonder how such a benevolent entity could curse people with something as horrible as addiction.

God did not curse me with anything!

God blessed me with free will and I chose to kick my own ass. I chose to drink over the challenges and pain in my life. I chose to lie to the people who loved me. I chose to drink even when I knew drinking would invite more difficulties into my life.

Some might argue a truly benevolent God would rescue me from this destructive behavior.

God is omnipotent so I image he could have found some way to steer me back onto course without me having to suffer so much. But, God knows me completely which allows him to love me perfectly. He knows that I was not the kind of guy who could learn lessons the easy way. So, he allowed me to beat myself against the rocks until I was good and ready to ask for help.

Like a wise parent, God allowed me to suffer the natural consequences of my bad behavior so I could not just learn the lesson, but internalize it.

Now I find myself in a position to be of service to others who suffer from addictions. Not only that…he allowed me to walk a path that turned me into a person with credibility that only comes from real experience. He made me into a person capable of being of MAXIMUM service to those around me.

So today I do something crazy. I actually thank God for the pain I endured in my life. Without those difficulties I would not be who I am today.

I encourage you to embrace the challenges in your life. Shift your attitude from one of complaining to one of gratitude and thankfulness. Accept that the tough spot you are in now will eventually get resolved and you will be stronger for having survived.

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