Here’s a question I get from tons of my male clients…”Why can I do such a good job at work and manage those relationships so well, but struggle so much with my wife?”

Well, there are at least two reasons for this.

  1. Romantic relationships are hard!  Family is hard…way harder than work!  Roles and responsibilities at work are finite and usually fairly well defined.  But not so with personal relationships.
  2. The stakes are so much higher when dealing with your family.  Jobs come and go but family is forever.

That’s what couples counseling is all about.  We will work to understand your strengths then find strategies to bring those skills to bear within the context of your personal relationships.

What Will We Work On In Couples Counseling?

We will work on whatever is most distressing to your relationship today.  For most couples those issues are typically…

  • Communication
  • Infidelity
  • Intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Finances

But, asking for help can be hard…

That’s why I offer a free Breakthrough Session to anyone who thinks they may benefit from working with a therapist.  This is a phone call between you and me where we try to identify your one (or more) most significant sticking point. Then we decide, together, if working together makes sense.

Go ahead and sign up for your free call today.