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Question: How do you know if you need to see a professional therapist?

Simple question with a not-so-simple answer.  The first myth we need to remove is that people who hire a therapist are “crazy” or “damaged”.   It’s true mental health professionals can often be of service when someone is suffering from a serious psychiatric disorder.  However, most therapy clients are normal folks who need help meeting a specific life goal.

Another myth about therapy, largely propagated by television and movies, is that a therapy session involves someone picking their way through the dark recesses of your mind.  In fact, a skilled therapist will make the session feel much more like a pleasant conversation than an interrogation.

Why Do People Enter Therapy?

As mentioned earlier, people seek therapy for a wide variety of issues.  Some examples are…

  • Feeling sad, especially if the emotion is not associated with a specific life event
  • Constantly feeling jumpy, being unable to sit still, or unable to “turn off”  worries
  • Nervousness about upcoming significant life changes (moving, marriage, divorce, empty nest, etc.)
  • Help dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Help to quit drinking or using drugs
  • Dealing with problems associated with a loved one who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, food or technology
  • Trouble communicating with a spouse or other family member
  • Being the victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • A general “isn’t there more to life than this” feeling

What Can I Do For You?

Simple…I can help you move past whatever obstacles are holding you back so you can become the best possible version of yourself!  Invest in you…you’re worth it.

Call my office today @ (678) 853-5746 to schedule an appointment.

Not ready for that yet?  I get it, asking for help is hard.

That’s why I offer a free Breakthrough Session to anyone who thinks they may benefit from working with a therapist.  This is phone call between you and me where we try to identify your one (or more) most significant sticking point. Then we decide, together, if working together makes sense.

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