Anxiety is probably the most commonly occurring complaint of people entering therapy.  It has become “just a part of life” in our modern drive-through, instant gratification, digital culture.

Anxiety issues lead to difficulty sleeping, substance abuse problems, relationship issues and a generally lower quality of life.

If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, you know what I’m talking about.  In fact, when you read the preceding line you probably say…“that’s putting it mildly!”

You’ve probably tried  lots of solutions that just didn’t seem to work (or maybe worked a bit).  There’s a reason for that.  See, anxiety lives in and comes from your brain.  That is to say, it is driven by your  thoughts.  So, interventions that focus on your thoughts (i.e. thought stopping, CBT, etc.) don’t work because the problem and the solution are too closely intertwined.

I attack this problem by offering counter-intuitive solutions that bypass the thought process to get directly at the cause.  These solutions include “The Tic-Tac Intervention” and “Worry Appointments”.

Let’s talk about your anxiety issues and what I may be able to do to help you resolve them.

I offer a free Breakthrough Session to anyone who thinks they may benefit from working with a therapist. This is phone call between you and me where we try to identify your one (or more) most significant sticking point. Then we decide, together, if working together makes sense.

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